Patek Philippe: 7 NEW RELEASE 2023 NOVEMBER


Patek Philippe introduced a captivating array of 7 new Haute Joaillerie watches within their Aquanaut and Nautilus lineups, unveiling a series of gem-set timepieces. This release signifies a departure from the traditional practice of brands unveiling all watches at a single event, instead opting for a staggered release strategy throughout the year.

Aquanaut 5260/355R and 5260/1445R

Among these releases, the Aquanaut line stands out, with the introduction of the 5260/355R and 5260/1455R models. A noteworthy milestone is the incorporation of a minute repeater into the Aquanaut series, expanding its horizons into the realm of sports-oriented timepieces. While designed with a focus on the female audience, the 38.8mm size renders these watches a versatile, unisex option. Both Aquanaut models showcase baguette-cut diamonds and gemstones. The 5260/1455R boasts a fully iced-out bracelet, contrasting with the rubber strap of the 5260/355R. The 5260/355R exhibits 52 multicolored baguette-cut sapphires (3.19 cts), 112 baguette-cut diamonds (7.31 cts), and 160 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.72 ct). Conversely, the 5260/1455R showcases 130 baguette-cut diamonds (8.66 cts) on the dial and an impressive 779 multicolored baguette-cut sapphires (45.05 cts).

Nautilus 7118

In the Nautilus lineup, the 7118 models have received upgrades featuring pave diamonds in three distinct variations: Sapphire (7118/1451G), Ruby (7118/1452G), and Emerald (7118/1453G). Notably, the standout feature is the pave-set wave pattern adorning the dial, complemented by hour markers and a middle bracelet adorned with their respective stones. Each new Nautilus model incorporates 1,500 brilliant-cut diamonds (6.53 cts) and 876 pieces of their corresponding stones.

Nautilius 7010

Finally, rounding off this impressive collection are the 7010R and 7010/1R models. Both highlight a unique Lacquered purple, “wave” motif dial and house a quartz movement within a 32mm case.

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