Rolex Retail Price Increase 2024 January: Daytona


Happy New Year, everyone! As we embrace the new year, Rolex has introduced its customary retail price adjustment. This move was widely anticipated. In our initial coverage, we’re focusing on the renowned Daytona lineup. The price adjustments span from 2.95% to 6.06%, factoring in the increased GST from 8% to 9%.

This year, there’s a standardized 5% average increase across the entire lineup. The steepest hike hits the two-tone Daytona 126503 non-diamond dials, skyrocketing by 6.06%. Meanwhile, the highest monetary increment is observed in the new Lemans Daytona 126529LN, with a substantial S$3700 raise. The Platinum Daytona sees the least percentage increase, given its already high retail price.


Interestingly, in contrast to last year’s trend, the precious metal models and the two-tone range experienced the most substantial price hikes. It’ll be intriguing to observe the impact on the secondary market, as many of these models are currently trading close to their secondary market value if prices remain unchanged.

Stay tuned as we delve into the remaining models within the Rolex lineup.

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