Rolex Retail Price Increase 2024 January: Submariner


Moving on, let’s dive into the models within the Rolex Submariner lineup. Rolex has ushered us to the new year once again with a retail price increase, spanning from 4.77% to 5.96%, inclusive of the increased GST from 8% to 9%. If you missed our earlier posts, you can catch up here on our coverage of the Rolex Daytona lineup or here on the Rolex GMT lineup.

Once more, the most significant percentage increase is witnessed in the two-tone variants of the Submariner 126613LB & 126613LN, both experiencing a 5.96% hike. Surprisingly, the white Gold Submariner Blueberry 126619LB takes the crown for the greatest monetary increment, soaring by S$2,800.00.

The Submariner lineup has encountered challenges in its secondary market pricing, with most watches trading slightly above retail and some even below. Presently, all precious metal Submariners trade below their retail price in the secondary market. With the substantial retail price increase, this might pose further challenges for authorized dealers selling solid gold Submariners.

The spike in the two-tone model now aligns the retail price of the Bluesey 126613LB with the current secondary market pricing, while the black 126613LN’s retail price surpasses the current secondary market value. This evolution promises an interesting turn of events.

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