Rolex Retail Price Increase 2024 January: GMT Master II


In our next segment, we’ll explore the models within the Rolex GMT Master 2 lineup. As we step into the new year, Rolex has implemented its customary retail price adjustments. These changes range from 4.70% to 6.09%, already factoring in the increased GST from 8% to 9%. If you missed our initial post, you can catch up here, where we covered the Rolex Daytona lineup.


Similar to the Daytona series, there’s a standardized 5% average increase across the entire GMT Master 2 lineup. The highest percentage hike belongs to the newly released two-tone Guinness 126713GRNR a 6.09% increase, almost similar as seen in the two-tone Daytona 126503. Meanwhile, the greatest monetary increment is observed in the Rolex GMT Pepsi White Gold 126719BLRO Meteorite Dial, with a S$2,900.00 increase.

Much like the Daytona models, the substantial increases in the two-tone GMT models 126711CHNR & 126713GRNR bring them closer to secondary market pricing. This could potentially drive prices even higher or result in them trading only marginally above their retail price. It’ll be fascinating to witness how this plays out.

Stay tuned as we continue our exploration of the remaining models within the Rolex lineup.

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