Rolex Retail Price Increase 2024 January: Explorer, Air-King, Sky-Dweller


Finally, we will be covering on the remaining  Rolex sports model and the iconic Rolex Sky-Dweller.

The Rolex Explorer increase ranges from 4.21%-6.12%, the Rolex Air-King has an increase of 4.33% while the Rolex Sky-Dweller increased by 4.74-6.12%%. Similar to last year, the two-tone model have increased the most across all the sports collection. (Prices are inclusive of the 9% GST hike).


Rolex Explorer (4.21% – 6.12% increase)


Rolex Air-King [Increase of 4.33% (+S$450)]


Rolex Sky-Dweller (4.74% – 6.12% increase)

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