Patek Philippe (Nautilus x Aquanaut): Discontinued Models 2024 Feb


Patek Philippe has recently removed certain models from their Nautilus and Aquanaut lineups on their website, hinting at their discontinuation. This departure from their usual practice of announcing such changes at Watches & Wonders came as a surprise.


Discontinued Nautilus

Speculation among collectors had long centered around the 5712/1A being the next in line for discontinuation due to its exclusive use of a steel bracelet without the new butterfly clasp. But true to fashion, Patek Phillipe discontinued the 5712R and 5712G in leather while only retaining the 5712/1A in bracelet.


Moving on to the Nautilus lineup, all 5980 models, including the 5980/1R, 5980/1AR, and 5980R, have been discontinued. This move is likely to drive up the value of the 5980/1R, one of the most sought-after Nautilus variants. Among the ladies’ Nautilus models, the 7010R-011, 7010R-012, 7010/1R-011, and 7010/1R-012 have also been discontinued. This was expected after the introduction of the 7010R & 7010/1R in Lacquered purple.


Discontinued Aquanaut

In the Aquanaut lineup, the 5164A is set to be discontinued, while its rose gold counterpart, the 5164R, remains in production. Among the ladies’ Aquanaut models, both the quartz and automatic versions of the Aquanaut Luce 5269/200R-001 and 5268/200R-001 in matte white dial have been discontinued. This decision is notable, considering the popularity of white dials among female collectors, possibly influenced by the introduction of the new 5268/200R-010.


Last but not least the Aquanaut Luce Haute Joaillerie 5062/450R-001, featuring a baguette-cut diamond dial, marks the final discontinuation in the Aquanaut lineup. This move aligns with the introduction of gem-set grand complication Aquanaut models last year.

What do you think of the discontinued models & did we miss out on any discontinued models in the Nautilus & Aquanaut lineup?


Discover more available models via Patek Philippe website.

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