2023 Rolex New Models Update: 2023 Retail Price x EOY 2023 Secondary Market


At Watches & Wonders 2023, Rolex unfurled their much-anticipated 2023 collection, featuring a range of captivating timepieces. The spotlight was on the revitalized Daytona lineup, headlined by the groundbreaking Platinum Daytona 126506—marking Rolex’s inaugural foray into see-through case backs. A wearable Titanium watch in the Yachtmaster 42 , the first two-tone & solid yellow gold Jubilee bracelet in the modern sports lineup.

Adding to the allure was the Submariner Starbucks 126610LV, distinguished by a new green bezel reminiscent of the iconic Kermit 16610LV. Additionally, the Oyster Perpetual lineup welcomed the Celebration Motif Dial.

Today, we delve into an evaluation of the 2023 releases, examining their performance and assessing the premiums they command in the Secondary Market at the end of 2023. Our examination excludes out-of-catalogue pieces like the Day-date 36 Puzzle Motif and gem-set Daytona.

Broadly speaking, all the new releases exhibit a premium in the secondary market. The Explorer 40 224270 boasts the smallest premium, standing at $1200 (11.21%). On the other hand, the GMT Master Guinness 126713GRNR & 126718GRNR witnessed price decreases over time, and now carry only premiums of S$2900 (12.61%) and S$1100 (2.03%) respectively.


The new Daytona lineup consistently maintains a premium. Noteworthy is the observation that, within the precious metal models, white gold variants now experienced a resurgence in popularity and premium.

Standout performers include the Le Mans Daytona 126529LN, boasting an impressive S$198,300 (276.5%) premium, and the Yachtmaster 42 Titanium 226627, with a substantial $32,400 (165.31%) premium.

With rumours circulating about the limited 1 year production of the Le Mans Daytona and the Celebration Motif Oyster Perpetual, a pertinent question arises: are these models with huge premiums sustainable?

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