In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various accessories that comes with your Rolex Daytona with Oysterflex in the current catalogue and making sure you have the full set when purchasing from the secondary market.


I’m sure we all have the same question the first time we buy a watch from the secondary market, what is supposed to come with my watch? What is a “Full Set”?

Below is a list of all the items that may or may not come with your watch. Go ahead and click on any of these links, and you’ll be taken to that specific section.

  1. Box
  2. Warranty Card (WC)
  3. Guarantee Booklet (GB)
  4. WC GB Holder
  5. Rolex Daytona Booklet
  6. Rolex Green Tag
  7. White Tag
  8. Bezel Protector
  9. Oysterflex Strap

Rolex Box

For Daytona with Oysterflex, you should receive a size “L” Box.

This guide is applicable to the references below:

Ref. No Nickname Material Bracelet Box Size
116515LN-0017 Rose Gold Oysterflex “Black” Everose Gold Oysterflex L
116515LN-0019 Rose Gold Oysterflex “Ivory” Everose Gold Oysterflex L
116515LN-0041 Rose Gold Oysterflex “Chocolate” Everose Gold Oysterflex L
116515LN-0055 Rose Gold Oysterflex “Meteorite” Everose Gold Oysterflex L
116515LN-0057 Rose Gold Oysterflex “Black 8-Point Diamonds” Everose Gold Oysterflex L
116515LN-0059 Rose Gold Oysterflex “Sundust” Everose Gold Oysterflex L
116515LN-0061 Rose Gold Oysterflex “Sundust w/ Baguette Diamonds” Everose Gold Oysterflex L
116518LN-0041 Yellow Gold  Oysterflex”White” Yellow Gold Oysterflex L
116518LN-0042 Yellow Gold  Oysterflex”Champagne” Yellow Gold Oysterflex L
116518LN-0043 Yellow Gold  Oysterflex”Black” Yellow Gold Oysterflex L
116518LN-0047 Yellow Gold  Oysterflex”Paul Newman” Yellow Gold Oysterflex L
116518LN-0048 Yellow Gold Oysterflex “Yu Wen Le / Bumble Bee / Pikachu” Yellow Gold Oysterflex L
116518LN-0076 Yellow Gold  Oysterflex”Meteorite” Yellow Gold Oysterflex L
116518LN-0078 Yellow Gold Oysterflex “Black w/ 8-Point Diamonds” Yellow Gold Oysterflex L
116519LN-0025 White Gold  Oysterflex “Black w/ 8-Point Diamonds” White Gold Oysterflex L
116519LN-0027 White Gold  Oysterflex”Panda / Steel” White Gold Oysterflex L
116519LN-0038 White Gold  Oysterflex”Meteorite” White Gold Oysterflex L

Where can you find the size of the box?

The size of the box will be indicated at the bottom of the green box and/or the top left corner of the white sleeve.

Large (L) Size:


Note: You may not get the white sleeve.


Warranty Card (WC)

This is the new warranty card released around early 2020 till current date.

The warranty card is the older version, for watches dated before the last quarter of 2020.

Check your serial number and make sure it matches your watch.

Where is your serial number located on your watch?

You can find the serial number at the 6 o’clock position along the inner bezel under the crystal.


Guarantee Booklet (GB)


WC GB Holder

You’ll likely receive the new warranty card holder if your watch is dated at the end of 2020 – current, it is common to get the old warranty card holder during the initial change.

Below is the version before the new warranty card holder was released.


Rolex Daytona Booklet


Rolex Green Tag


Rolex White Tag

At the back of the white tag, check the serial number and the model number. The size of the box used for your watch is indicated too. (refer to the table above in the Box section for more details) Do note that you may not receive a white tag as some authorised dealers keep them, it does not hurt the value of the watch.


Bezel Protector

The bezel protector used for all Rolex Daytona Ref. 1165XX is N101. Do note that you may not receive the bezel protector as most authorised dealers keep them, it does not hurt the value of the watch.


Oysterflex Strap

The Oysterflex strap will come in the original buyer’s size when they get it from the Authorised Dealer (AD). If you got your watch from the Secondary Market, the size might not fit you. Here is how to check the size of the oysterflex:

As shown above, you can locate them at the back of the strap near the clasp.

Here’s the Daytona Oysterflex size chart for reference if you don’t know what size combination to get:

Wrist size (mm) 6 o’clock section 12 o’clock section
128 – 138 C D
138 – 150 C E
150 – 159 D E
159 – 170 D F
170 – 180 E F
180 – 191 E G
191 – 202 F G
202 – 213 F H
213 – 225 G H
225 – 234 H H


You might not receive certain items that I’ve mentioned above and it’s totally fine, items such as the white tag, bezel protector, and even the white sleeve for the box. It’s okay to lose certain items as they are replaceable but do not ever lose your warranty card. Refer to the table below:

Accessories Should receive/May not receive  Replaceable
Box May not receive the white sleeve Yes
Warranty Card (WC) Should receive No
Guarantee Booklet (GB) Should receive Yes
WC GB Holder Should receive Yes
Rolex Daytona Booklet Should receive Yes
Green Tag Should receive Yes
White Tag May not receive No
Bezel Protector (N101) Most of the time will not receive Yes


In conclusion, owning a Rolex is a significant milestone for watch collectors and enthusiasts alike. It not only represents a high level of achievement in one’s watch collection but also showcases the feat of your accomplishment. When spending huge sums of money, it is important to know that you are getting everything you paid for.

Check out the video on what we’ve summarized above.

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