We all know by now that Rolex has revamped its entire Daytona lineup, while some have been entirely discontinued, such as the 116508 “John Mayer” and the Meteorite Daytona, most have had an upgrade.

An upgrade in the movement from Calibre 4130 to the Calibre 4131, a slimmer case, and the bezel being recessed slightly more into the case are applicable to all Daytona, as well as in the new Daytona dials, they all have a slimmer hour marker and slimmer sub-dial ring. All these changes are applicable to the new Daytona, but there are some subtle changes to some dials.

Here are the differences we can tell so far. Can you spot them?

These changes applies to the 126503, 126518LN, 126515LN, 126519LN, 126505, 126508, 126509 8-Point Diamond models. (Color of each subdial is depending on the material used)

These changes applies to the 126503, 126518LN, 126508 champagne/golden dials.


These changes applies to the 126518LN, 126508 YWL dial.


These changes applies to the 126505, 126515LN black and 8-Point dial.

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