Rolex has updated a few of their accessories, as of now it will be the Rolex Warranty Card Holder that is used to hold the Rolex warranty card and warranty manual, and the Rolex Coffin Box that is used to safeguard the watch during transit.

First off, the Rolex warranty card is no longer slipped in from the top but rather slipped in from the left and right holes. This was well overdue as the new holder finally showcases the beauty of the new Rolex Warranty Card as seen in one of our pictures. That’s not all, if you look closely, you can notice that the stitching on the warranty card is different as well, with the old one having a zig-zag pattern while the new ones are straight. The threading appears to have a seafoam shade of green in the lining in the new ones as compared to the older ones.



Next, we have the coffin box. The newer ones are taller and have a cushion support in the middle for the watch itself as compared to Styrofoam of the older ones. The taller case is probably used to facilitate the newly released Rolex Skydweller in Oysterflex 326238, due to its large case and the Oysterflex strap pushing it upright, causing it to take up more space which the older coffin case cannot hold.


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